The Peppermint Essential Oil Imagery & Persuasion

The Peppermint Essential Oil Imagery & Persuasion

When my son read my post, “Meditation and Cedarwood Essential Oil.” He called to talk with me about his meditation experience and how he meditates.

It was about halfway through our conversation when I thought, Yep, I need to share this journey. Of course, I lack any patients with long-winded blog posts, but I figured I would share a short version with you. 🙂

His experience and journey in meditation started when he began jogging a few years back. He began with a one-year goal of 5 miles every other day, starting from no running at all.

He would spend ten minutes before running and focusing on what running five miles a day would feel like to him. He created a mental picture of himself running, breathing, how he felt internally and externally.

He took this image with him during his run every single day, with no exceptions.

At first, he found it hard to focus on his goals and this new image of himself.

After a little research, he ended up using a dab of peppermint essential oil mixed with carrier oil behind his ears. It not only helped him with his focus; it also gave him a little boost.

His first six months were still painful, and he dealt with lots of emotional baggage that surfaced while he was running. He gave up many times and told himself he wasn’t going to run another day.

But creating the image for himself encouraged him to keep going. The future version of himself became the present version, and that he had no choice but to bring them both together.

What he didn’t realize at the time was that by applying the peppermint essential oil during is pre-meditation and the first part of his run, he was associating the aroma with the image of his future self.

He was also associating the peppermint aroma when he felt the most motivation and desire to reach his goal.

Now, running and peppermint essential oil is a therapy for him. Pushing himself to create that imagery he created through meditation taught him that he could do pretty much anything if he put his mind to it.

Remember, essential oils and diffusing is only part of the work needed to live a healthy and balanced life we all strive to have.

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