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At Bnatural Oils, our top priority is offering our customers high-quality, organic essential oils. We take pride in finding the perfect source for ingredients in our oils. Our 100% pure natural oils are made from pure ingredients, producing a high quality all natural product. We never use fillers or dilutions in our oil. Bnatural Oils offers the best quality essential oils possible so you can trust our products for all your botanical remedy needs.

What Are Essential Oils Used For?

Essential oils are used in many different ways and products. Most often, people use essential oils in incense, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, and flavorings for food or drink. However, users should always do their research before experimenting with essential oils. Some oils, such as wintergreen, can be extremely toxic if ingested.

Another everyday use of essential oils is aromatherapy. Practitioners of alternative medicine use essential oils to produce emotional or physiological responses from patients. Aromatherapists typically blend different types of essential oils to find the perfect blend for the patient’s condition.

Bnatural Essential Oils offers 100% organic and natural essential oils. Check out our product line to shop for your essential oils now.

How to Sample an Essential Oil

Essential oils are very potent, and there is an art to sampling them. Knowing how to test essential oils will ensure you go home with a scent you love. Follow these tips to get the right oil:

Do not smell the essential oil by placing it directly up to your nose. The potency of essential oils can give you a headache. Instead, hold the bottle a minimum of five inches from your nose.

Do not put the oil on your body to smell, as you may be unknowingly allergic to it.

When comparing scents, make sure to take a break in between smelling the samples. When you smell oils back to back, your senses may be overwhelmed, not allowing you to get the full extent of each smell.

Do Essential Oils Work?

There is no scientific evidence that aromatherapy can prevent or cure any disease. But, some essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, can act as mild decongestants or expectorants. And studies have shown that essential oils can produce a sense of calm in some people.

There is an undeniable power to smell. You’ve likely felt a calmness wash over you after lighting a candle or a sense of happiness after smelling your favorite meal. For centuries, people have noted the benefits of aromatherapy. It’s simply hard to deny that essential oils don’t produce a positive reaction in us if used correctly. Essential oils can help you stabilize your mood, boost your energy, and purify the air.

Tips For Buying Essential Oils

The aromatherapy industry is massive, and just like any other industry, can include people selling sub-par products. When purchasing essential oils, keep these tips in mind:

Avoid purchasing oils in clear glass containers. Unfiltered light can cause the oil to spoil. Proper essential oils should always be sold in dark blue or dark amber glass bottles.

Never purchase oils in plastic containers. The plastic can dissolve into the product causing it to spoil.

There is no need to purchase your essential oils in large quantities. A small 10-milliliter bottle will likely last you several months or up to a year, even with frequent use. Buying too much will likely result in the product spoiling before you can use it all. Instead, purchase smaller amounts of high-quality oils.

Avoid purchasing cheap essential oils at prices that seem too good to be true. Quality essential oils use high-end, natural products that are appropriately sourced. This costs money and keeps the price of essential oils within a specific range. If one retailer on the market can offer the essential oils at a heavily discounted rate, it’s quite likely they’ve diluted their product.

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