How to do a Sugar Detox with the Power of Orange Essential Oil

How to do a Sugar Detox with the Power of Orange Essential Oil

Many of us struggle to control our sugar intake, especially during the holidays. There are all those sweet, chocolaty goodies to contend with, not to mention big family feasts, that will inevitably be punctuated with sugary sides and some of the other sweetly decadent desserts.

A sugar detox might be in order, and now is as good a time as any to challenge ourselves.

Detox with Orange Essential Oil

First, cleanse your environment: 

Let’s begin with making a routine of cleansing your house with the lovely, fresh, fruity scent of orange essential oil. The aroma of orange essential oil is uplifting and natural. Since orange has great antiseptic and antibacterial properties, we can even add a drop or two of essential oil to our mop water and clean floors to leave a long-lasting clean, and head-clearing scent in the air. 

A recipe for cleaning your floors with a drop or two of orange essential oil is to combine a quarter cup of white vinegar with just 14 drops of orange essential oil and a couple of teaspoons of dish soap and if you have tea tree oil, add a couple of drops of this too. After mopping the floor with this amazingly soul-cleansing combination of ingredients, just run your mop over the floor again with clean, rinsing water to prevent slipping.

Time for a Sugar Detox: 

Now that your home is filled with positivity and the scent of orange blossoms throughout the house. You can embark on the important activity of detoxing your body of all those sweet things that create adverse effects once they hit your stomach and enter your bloodstream.

A Sugar Detox for Beginners: 

To be honest, I dreaded going on a sugar detox for years, but eventually, my weight and health issues forced me to review my point of view. Wine and chocolate…? While it sounds comforting, the effect is far from it. As a matter of fact, when you go on a sugar detox, you can’t even eat certain carbs as they turn into sugar inside your body. So, what now? Let’s not give up just yet. I’ve managed to find some excellent sugar detox ideas online that are excellent for boosting mind and spirit and keeping sugar cravings at bay too!

There is NO Weaning Yourself Off Sugar: 

According to those in the know, you simply cannot just cut out a little sugar here and there. You literally have to go cold turkey, as your sweet tooth makes sugar your drug. I found those first three to four days of totally cutting out sugar hellishly difficult, and I still can’t get the taste of bitter coffee out of my mouth, the memory of it, anyway. Tea tastes much better without sugar than coffee does.

A Two-Week Intensive Sugar Detox: 

There was no heading for the artificial sweeteners either. I just had to bite the bullet and eat everything sans sugar. I hadn’t realized until then how dependent I was on sugar. I had it in tea, coffee, cookies, mashed potatoes…yes, I did! Literally, everything that passed my lips and made its delicious way across my salivating tongue, down my welcoming throat to my ready-and-waiting stomach was sugar-laced. Like my stomach was saying: “Oh, hi Sugar. Now, you’re here, you can go to the hips, oh and you can go to her waist, oh and the rest of you to the thighs, there are more of you over there – enjoy the party.”

Researching the Best Advice for a First-time Sugar Detox

In a lengthy CNN Health article, I read the words “…and by day four an apple tastes like candy.” I can only agree that no truer a word was spoken. Even a raw piece of garlic tasted sweet to me.

After day four, you can slowly re-introduce some of those sweeter things to eat, like apples or an unsweetened yogurt (bearing in mind that those you buy at the shop always have a little sugar added, even if the label says sugar-free or 0% sugar). Yogurt and cheese should be full-fat and unsweetened.

Healthy fats, fiber, and proteins slow down the absorption of sugar, which are encouraged. As a matter of fact, carrots and peas are an excellent addition to your diet, and what I read was that in the first week, you could drink three glasses of red wine without it affecting your metabolism too much. So it’s not all doom and gloom with this sugar detox.

Ending the Sugar Detox and Following a Healthy Eating Plan

During the second and third weeks of this sugar detox for beginners, you can start adding berries and a little more dairy, such as some milk in your tea and maybe even some fruits, such as grapes. And guess what, by this time, you could possibly even handle two small squares of dark chocolate without going down to the local shop to stock up on all those you’ve missed the past few weeks.

Ultimately, once the detox is over, it is time to look at your diet, and if you do need to lose weight, like me, you would have to follow a good eating plan to keep your sugar cravings at bay and stabilize your intake of carbs, sugars, etc.

How Essential Oils Help with a Sugar Detox

Of course, we all want a healthy weight and lower cholesterol levels and solve other possible problems by cutting down on sugar.

I found that essential oils could really help in the process. Orange essential oil has been hailed as a ‘go-to’ essential oil to aid weight loss. It contains a compound called D-limonene, which is found in citrus peel and profoundly affects the body, boosting immunity, reducing stress, and improving your mood.

A Recipe To Help Your Sugar Detox 

I usually mix a combination of natural orange essence with clove and peppermint in my diffuser and enjoy the sweet aromas that work on my senses to bring satisfaction and stave off the sugar cravings that I experience.

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