Anxiety Maintenance and Aromatherapy

Anxiety Maintenance and Aromatherapy

Can you prevent anxiety?

I’m not a doctor by no means, but I do have a couple of things on my side that helps me relate to general anxiety.

My mother and research.

If you are dealing with anxiety that keeps you from your daily activities, by all means, get to a doctor. This simple blog post isn’t about how to treat anxiety disorders. It’s a guide to help you maintain a healthy life and offer tools to help prevent anxiety.

My mother dealt with General Anxiety Disorder, which created a lot of chaos throughout my childhood. I couldn’t have been more relieved the day that I heard her say that she had a problem and that it would be best for her to see a doctor.

Creating Daily Routines To Manage Anxiety

Creating daily routines not only helps you manage anxiety; it can also make your life more manageable and, for the most part, predictable. 

I know, predictable probably the best choice of words. Unless, of course, you are dealing with some type of General Anxiety, then it kind of makes sense.

Though it is easier said than done but very much possible.

When the doctor had my mom start creating routines, it was probably the number one thing that changed my home life growing up. Although, it wasn’t an overnight success.

The doctor had her change one simple thing each month, starting with her environment. She was suggested not to take something away but to add something to her home environment.

She brought home a lavender candle, and for 30 days, the aroma of lavender filled the house.

I am still taken back to my childhood with the sweet aroma of lavender.

In the second month, she was to repeat a statement from Emile Coue, “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” I would hear her chant during random parts of the day and every morning and night, religiously.

The lavender aroma that had filled the air and my mom quietly chanting throughout the house stuck with me throughout my life. In my memories, these are the two things that saved my family.

Important Things Matter The Most

It wasn’t till I was an adult that she had told me what she thought helped her the most.

She told me the most important thing to you is what is at the top of your mind at that moment, and there won’t be anything more important than that.

I’m not going to lie that I was a bit confused. How about you?

She broke it down a little better for me.

If it is realistic and it seems impossible to you, It’s probably just not important enough for you. So, if you want it, make it important by keeping it on top of your mind.

She is a wonderful woman.

To sum this all up, we can create simple, small, and realistic routines that you can manage throughout your day. Challenge yourself to these changes for a minimum of 30 days, every day with no exceptions.

Create a ritual of positive words and repeat them to yourself daily. Remember, if you don’t feed your brain, someone else will.

You choose what is important to you by focusing on it.

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